About meHello my name is Yevhen Babak!

I am the owner of a small atelier focusing on simple, colorful and minimalist leather products. I like functional stylish accessories.

I was interested in working with leather in 2018 such as a hobby, but in 2020, I quit my hired job and dedicated myself to my hobby, making it my profession.

Most of my customers get in touch with me because they need something special made for them, to simplify or upgrade their everyday accessories or because they own a bespoke leather good that they love, but it’s getting a bit tired and needs a bit of care.

I make all my products exclusively by hand without using mechanical machines. All seams are made by hand saddle stitch.

The main material for my products is Genuine Italian BUTTERO Leather.

The world famous Buttero Leather comes from the Conceria Walpier Tannery in Tuscany, Italy. It’s a high quality pure vegetable tanned leather known for its consistency and finish. The Leather has a firm feel with a matt finish and a resin backing, this leather will patina and age with time, making it ideal for leather goods.

For some of my products I use Genuine Italian PUEBLO Leather.

Collector-grade Pueblo Leather. This is a unique, inimitable work of genius by the Italian Masters of the Carlo Badalassi tannery. Pueblo Vegetable Tanned Leather is made from the finest raw materials from cattle hides. At all stages of production, exclusively natural ingredients are used. The unique facial surface initially has a natural aging effect. The new skin is rough and has a matte velvety surface. But later, during processing, it becomes smoother, over time, its unique vintage beauty appears.

In addition, I use Exotic Leather such as the alligator iguana and others. Such products are usually made in single copies. Since it is not possible to repeat the color and texture for mass production. These products are unique and not repeatable.

Products and accessories that I make, I do with love and respect for my customers, these goods will be a wonderful gift for you or your loved ones for any family or just another holiday

Thank you for supporting my small business!